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20% net profits donated ❤ shop with your heart

Become An Ambassador!

We’re looking for some key people to become a part of our journey. 

Causelee donates 20% of the net profit from every purchase to a few select causes (such as Save the Elephants and the Sea Turtle Conservancy), who are best positioned at a ground level to affect positive change.  Everyone likes shopping, and knowing that your purchase assists great organizations makes shopping even more rewarding.

We provide everything you need to start.  After joining, you will have access to our exclusive tracking and conversion software that allows you to monitor every single lead, sale and commission amount due to you.  You will be automatically enrolled to receive a commission on all sales. On your dashboard you will see a coupon code for 10% to share with your friends for site-wide products that you may share as much as you like. This coupon is also tracked to your affiliate account so you will earn 10% every time it's used. You may also choose to participate in our down-line program and earn an additional 3% of sales for each affiliate you enroll, then 2% of sales for each affiliate they enroll, then 1.5% for the next three levels down.

Additionally, you may be invited to receive free products of your choosing from our website to assist with your promotions!

Using social media and a little imagination, recommending our brand can be fun and engaging. 

Shop with your heart!  Love every minute!